Monetize existing UGC videos

Makhloufi Alexandre -

  • Principle

As a Dailymotion Partner, you can decide to keep an existing video that belongs to you but get the advertising revenue share that is generated from it.

You have to accept an amendment of Dailymotion Terms and Conditions to activate the monetizing claim feature. To get the amendment, ask your Dailymotion Content Manager or contact the support team at


  • How to notify us?

Simply send the list of Dailymotion URLs of the spotted UGC videos to letting us know if you want to monetize them.

You can search for the videos using our classic search tool. Or you can generate a search URL and a RSS feed on Dailymotion.


/rss ---> to generate a rssfeed

/us ---> country code

/visited or/relevance --- > sort by most viewed or relevance




  • Resolution process

Upon the reception of your notification, monetization will be processed in priority by Dailymotion community support team. Monetization is not retro-active and occurs upon the date of reception of the notification.



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