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Above the fold
Part of the webpage that users see without having to scroll-down.

The annotations tools let you add interactive elements to your videos. Clickable text, videos and call-to-action overlays are some of the examples of annotations.

Ad impressions
An ad impression is reported whenever an ad is displayed on the Dailymotion player.

The administration tab lets you change your channel settings and preferences. The section lets you configure your public profile, edit your personal and social information, change your avatar etc.

Age Gate
Certain content is not suitable for all audiences. The Age Gate enables users to control the content that is displayed. Activating the Age Gate helps prevent younger users from accessing explicit content. To activate your Age Gate, simply click on "Age Gate ON" in the footer. To deactivate it, click on "I am over 18 - set Age Gate OFF".

An API (Application Program Interface) is a set of commands, functions, and protocols which programmers can use when building software for a specific operating system. You can build great applications using the Dailymotion API and bring Dailymotion content and functionalities to your users through your application or website. More info:

Square image located on the left-side of your profile that represents your Channel across the site.

Categories that users choose from when uploading a video. Categories have been defined by Dailymotion and cannot be modified by users. Main channels are: news, sport, videogames, short films, fun and music.

A channel on Dailymotion is the main presentation page for an account. It shows the account name, type, the videos uploaded, and any other relevant user information. Dailymotion channels also display favorite videos from other users, activity streams, comments, subscribers, and other social networking features.

You can share your opinion about a video by writing a note underneath. To do so, simply click on the 'Comments' tab located below the Dailymotion player. To delete a comment, simply click on the cross located at the right of the designated text. You can also share comments on a Channel page.

Exclusive feature which allows users to create/ participate/ vote/ follow a video competition. More info:

Cover Photo
You can customize channel page by adding a cover photo (main banner image).

Create a TV App
“Create a TV app” is a Dailymotion tool that enables you to generate an application from your existing Dailymotion videos (and other data sources, such as your blog, Facebook, Twitter...) in just a few clicks. ‘Create an app’ works on mobiles, tablets and connected TVs. No technical skills required.

The “click through rate (CTR)” measures how successful an ad has engaged the viewers. It is the ratio of the number of times the ad is clicked by users, per number of viewers

Dailymotion Cloud
“Dailymotion Cloud” is a white label video hosting service which aims to offer businesses low prices and limited transcoding, all in an easy-to-use interface. In other words, it delivers businesses with a fully customizable video streaming solution that broadcasts videos straight from the cloud. More info:

Dailymotion Publisher Network
The “Dailymotion Publisher Network” is a syndication program for website publishers willing to enhance their content and create a new source of revenue for their website. The platform enables you to join the Dailymotion Publisher Network and offers you the tools you need to find the most relevant videos to export. Anyone can export videos from, but only members from the Dailymotion Publisher Network can earn a percentage of the revenue generated pre-roll, overlay, mid-roll or post-roll advertisements. More info:

Dailymotion Stream
“Dailymotion Stream” lets you play videos in full screen in high quality, perfect for sharing on a connected TV or any type of big screen.
More info:

Your “Dashboard” on either

eCPM, or “effective cost-per-thousand impressions”, is a metric that measures a campaign’s performance. It is calculated by dividing its total revenues by the number of impressions, multiplied by 1000.

An embed code allows you to share a video on your own website, blog and/or social network. To generate an embed code, click on the export button located within the player or on the "<>" button underneath the player.

Estimated revenues
This refers to the account balance of your earnings for a selected period of time. Estimated revenues are based on pre-audited delivery on campaigns and are subject to change. Please refer to your monthly reports to know your actual revenue earnings.

Content that is not suitable for all audiences are considered “explicit”.
More info:

You can easily share/distribute Dailymotion videos (via social media/embed/ URL links) by clicking on the export button located on the top right side of the player.

Extras & Tools
You have access to extras & tools to help you showcase your videos on different platforms, on different divices.
More info:

Facebook Videotab
This is an app for accounts seeking to create a specific Dailymotion video section on their Facebook page.

Can't get enough of a video? Add it to your |Favorites and save it for a rainy day. Just click on the 'add to' tab scroll down button located underneath the player.

Featured Video
You can highlight one of your videos and make it stand out on top of the channel page by making it your Featured Video. Simply click on the 'edit' button in the player, select the “Add to” tab and tick “Make this video my Featured Video”.

Technique used to identify, extract and compress the unique components of a video. Dailymotion can scan files and match their fingerprints against a database of copyrighted material. This prevents users from uploading copyrighted files.

You can ‘Follow’ an account on Dailymotion to subscribe to their video uploads. After logging in, go to the channel page you wish to subscribe to, then click on the "follow" button located next to the avatar. You can verify that you are following this user by clicking on the "Following" tab in your header.

“Following” means you subscribe to another user's videos. Once you are following a user, all new uploaded videos will automatically appear in your "Following" tab.

Technique used to restrict video viewing to specific geographical regions.

Groups are created by users and are topic-oriented communities (for instance extreme sports, Lady Gaga fans, Time-lapse fans etc.) Members of these groups curate the Dailymotion catalog to select the most relevant videos in accordance to the group's theme.
More info:

HD stands for "High Definition". All Dailymotion users can upload videos in HD 720p and 1080p. Because of its higher quality, HD video looks great in full screen.

A hub is specific page dedicated to a set of videos that converge around one topic or theme. Hubs are created and curated by Dailymotion editors.

An injector allows you to feed your content to Dailymotion’s distribution platform. An example of injector is MRSS.

Invalid Clicks
These are clicks generated through prohibited means, usually with intention to illegitimately boost view counts on a publisher’s account. Encouraging invalid clicks or tampering with our metrics will automatically result in a progressive decline of advertising served, therefore impacting your generated revenues.

The “Jukebox” is a widget which allows you to broadcast the videos you wish to export in a fun way. The Jukebox can be added to any website or blog, and can be opened by any browser. More info:

Video content that is broadcasted directly at the time of production (concerts, press conferences, news, sporting events etc.)
More info:

Mass Uploader
The “Mass Uploader” is an application that allows you to upload multiple videos to Dailymotion without even visiting the Dailymotion website. Please be advised that application requires the Adobe Air software, which we will install automatically if you do not currently have the software.
More info:

Master Channel
One user may have multiple number of channels. When this is the case, one channel must act as the Master Channel that the other channels are associated to. The Master Channel can manage and organize its sub-channels (or child-channels).

Stands for "Multi Channel Network". An MCN is an organization that aggregate channels on video platforms, such as Dailymotion. An MCN may manage and provide different services to content owners.

Metadata is additional information about your video, for example, title, author, length, etc.

Advertising message that plays during the video content you have selected.

Mobile apps
The Dailymotion app allows you to access 30 million videos at your fingertips! Follow your favorite users, playlists, channels by adding them to your own personalized Dashboard. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone 7. More info:

The Dailymotion MRSS Importer allows a partner to upload (and update) their videos, making them viewable and searchable on Dailymotion without any manual intervention.

NET RPM Pre-roll
“Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM)” represents the estimated earnings you'd accrue for every 1000 impressions you receive on pre-roll ads.

NET RPM all positions
Revenue per 1000 impressions (RPM) represents the estimated earnings you'd accrue for every 1000 impressions you receive on pre-, mid-, post- and instream overlay ads.

Dailymotion enables content creators who broadcast their content through our platform to benefit from greater visibility while earning a share of the advertising revenue generated. More info:

OpenVOD is our Video on Demand program. With Open VOD, content creators can sell their programs, and choose the price, format, player, and promotion, as well as access their stats. They can broadcast on the Dailymotion website as well as on apps (through tablets, smartphones and other connected devices) and anywhere on the web. More info:

OpenSearch is an extension that adds Dailymotion search into your browser's built-in search tool. Add OpenSearch to your browser and instantly search millions of videos in Dailymotion's catalog. All you have to do is start typing your query, then choose from the suggestions in the dropdown to go directly to the relevant video. More info:

Payments (Official Program)
The Payments tab on the Official program shows your payment information, such as your monthly consolidated revenues and payment history.

Set of videos which can be viewed, shared and embedded as one. Users can group and organize their videos in playlists directly from their channel.
Post-roll Advertising message that plays after the completion of the video content you have selected.

Advertising message that plays before the video content you have selected.

Publish it!
The Publish it! is an extension for members of the Dailymotion Publisher Network. Once installed into your browser, the "Publish it!" extension will help you find and share any video from or other video platforms. Each time you decide to share a video, the extension will automatically insert your syndication key to successfully track your generated revenues. More info:

A publisher is the owner of a website, blog and/or social page looking to earn advertising revenue by sharing Dailymotion videos with his/her audience. More info:

Replace this Video
As the name suggests, this feature lets you replace a video over an existing one.

Reports (Official Program)
The Reports tab on the Official site shows you impressions, estimated revenue and net RPM.

Revenue share
An official user or publisher receives a percentage of the advertising sold on the Dailymotion player.

Self Billing
This is the most efficient way of claiming your revenue payment if you are part of Official and/or Publisher Networks. Make sure you have all your payment details filled out in your account information to receive automatic payment.

Simulcast Broadcasting
Simulcast Broadccasting of video content across more than one medium (computer, TV, mobile), at the same time.

This video editor allows you to easily mix pictures and music into a unique video creation. It operates the rendering of your video faster than real time, so you can see the result of your creation right away. More info:

Lets you take a picture/extract an image or preview of your video. The snap button is located on the top left hand site of the Dailymotion player.

Staff Picks
Videos exclusively hand-picked by our editorial team to help you discover new and awesome content!

You can monitor the performance of your video by viewing the statistics. You can access this by clicking the graph icon below your video player.

“Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD)” is a service that lets subscribers - for a fixed fee - have unlimited access to targeted streaming content during a specific time period.

Syndication Key
A syndication key is a unique ID for members of the Dailymotion Publisher Network, which allows Dailymotion to track the revenues generated by a publisher. If you are a Publisher, your syndication key must be incorporated in your video URL which you embed to external sites.
More info:

Key words that are used to define and describe the content of a video. Tags make your video easier to search and increase its visibility.

Small images intended to represent your videos or playlists on the site.

Track Revenues (Publisher Network)
You can see how much revenue you are making on the Publisher network by referring to the “Track Revenues” tab.

A UGC, or User Generated Content, is a video content created by general Dailymotion users, who are not part of Official or Motionmaker programs.

This tool lets you embed an upload form directly into your website. With it your visitors can register, login, and add videos to their Dailymotion channel / a group, without having to leave your site.
More info:

A user refers to anyone with a channel on Dailymotion.

The Videowall lets you display a group of videos on your site with a slick interface. You can display up to 81 videos in a Videowall. You can create Videowalls from a user or group profile page by clicking the "Create a Videowall" button, located in the profile pane just beneath the user or group description. More info:

VideoZap offers a new way to control video players on your website. Think of it as a lightweight, image-driven remote control. More info:

Watch It Later
Don't have the time to watch videos right now? This feature allows you to gather all the videos you want in one place and save them for later! Just click on the clock icon on the video's thumbnail to add a video to your list.

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