Choosing your player parameters

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Customizing the player

Partners can customize the look and functions of the Dailymotion video player when embedding the player on their website. To modify, follow these steps:

  1. Open a video
  2. Click "Export" tab located below the video
  3. Click "More options & preview"
    1. Select the player size (small, medium, large or custom).
    2. Select the default play quality (LD, SD, HQ, 720HD, 1080HD)
    3. Select the subtitles you wish to display if any (optional)
    4. Change the colors of the player by clicking on the different boxes.
    5. Decide wheter or not you want to hide player info, on page info or logo on the player.
  4. The code is automatically updated as you change the information

You can embed your player in autoplay (it will start playing the video on page load) and choose a starting time if you want it to play a certain specific portion of the video.

Copy/paste the updated code you wish to publish on your website. To reset the default colors, click "reset default colors".





Branded Player

It is also possible to customize the player in a permanent way and without the need to manually modify the embed options. Such modifications can also include the addition of the partner's logo and other elements of their corporate identity. In order to brand their player, we ask our partners to provide us with their logo (transparent background .PNG or .AI) and color scheme (HEX code).





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