Building your own video store

Makhloufi Alexandre -

Embed, Broadcast, Share, Publish.

Sell your work on Dailymotion and any other platform of your own, at no extra cost. Simply export the player and start distributing your content anywhere you want.

In addition to Dailymotion, OpenVOD enables you to sell your videos on your own website. To do so, you simply need to export the player. Here the options you may want to consider:

    • Manual export

      • On the video page, click on Export under the player.
      • Customize the export parameters (Autoplay, Player size, other options).
      • Copy the embed code and place it into your webpage.
    • API

If you need build more complex custom platforms, our API provides you access to everything in Dailymotion. To learn more about it, visit our Developer page.

    • Customization options

As an extra, you can also customize the customer journey by using OpenVOD as a white label solution. Contact us for more info.

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