Adding powerful metadata

Makhloufi Alexandre -

This guide shows you the most efficient tools to optimize your presence on Dailymotion.


1. How to edit your metadatas? 

When you are on the player page of the video you want to edit, click on the little pencil icone underneath the player on the right. 


Then you are on the edit panel and you can change the title, the description and the tags.


2. How to write a good title?

A good title should :

a) Clearly state the main topic of the video

b) Feature powerful keywords first (vs.branding or #)

c) Be short and catchy (like a newspaper title!)


3. How to write a good description?

A good description should :

a) Repeat the main keywords of the title

b) Describe the video in just a few sentences

c) Contain links to social media / other videos


4. How to add relevant taggs?

Relevant tags should:

a) Repeat the main keywords of the title/description

b) Add the name of the channel/program

c) Add few additional keywords / trends in reference to the topic NB: Please do not exceed 10 tags per video

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