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This guide shows you the most efficient tools to optimize your presence on Dailymotion. 


1. How to set up a suitable cover photo? 

When you log in and visit your channel page on, you get the option to "Drag and drop your cover photo or Upload your banner".



If you want to change to a new cover photo, then please click on the top right side of your cover photo at "Edit your cover photo" and reveal the following commands:

a) Upload a new photo

b) Adjust your cover photo

c) Edit link

d) Remove cover photo



A suitable cover photo should :

a) Set the visual tone of your Channel (brand/graphic identity)

b) Illustrate the main topic, the spirit/universe of your Channel

c) Be a high-res image (940X250px min.)



2. How to choose a good profile picture?


To upload an avatar image / profile picture

Click on the avatar box next to the name of your channel

Click on the drop down edit tab

Choose "Add new": upload a profile picture



A good profile picture should be:

a) Eye-catching

b) Recognizable

c) Be a high-resolution image (250X250 px minimum) Used as a logo (i.e for thumbnails)



3. How to create a channel description?


To edit your channel description, click beneath your avatar, enter your description and save.


A good Channel description should:

a) Clearly present the content of the Channel (A short bio)

b) Include the promise of the Channel

c) Present the schedule of the program(s)

d) Be short and catchy



 4. How to add external links?

To add external link on you channel, click on "add links" on the right down corner of your cover image.


a) Get your viewers to discover and follow your activity by adding links to your website as well as your Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts!

b) Your cover image is clickable, so don’t forget to add a link to your personal website! !

c) You should also let them engage with your content in the comment section of your Channel page.


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