Live: a highly scalable and reliable solution.

Makhloufi Alexandre -

The brand new Dailymotion live platform has been developed such a way that we can guarantee to our partners the best scalability and reliability all around the world. This architecture is composed of three main components:


  • Ingestion: Receive the stream feed from our partners
  • Transcoding: generate the different qualities available from the source
  • Delivery: distribute the streams to all the viewers around the world


Here is a quick overview on how it works:

Broadcasters push their streams on our platform by using an encoding software such as wirecast or xsplit. Then the streams are assigned to a livecoder wich will transcode the source stream to make a list of qualities ready to deliver (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and source). Once those qualities are available, the stream-feeds are able to fetch video chuncks from the live coders and deliver them, using HLS protocol, to every viewers through our own CDN or via external CDNs.

We are today working with Akamai, Level3 and Edgecast to offload our audience which allow us to take benefit of an unlimited scale and thus to always provide the best user experience.

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    non cant setting in stream live with vimix.
    How is the custom rtmp server
    and the URL
    stream name or key
    Thank you

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