How to create a pay-per-view or subscription offer

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OpenVOD gives you full control over the sale and packaging of your content.

Only you get to decide the price you wish to charge for unique pay-per-view rentals or bundle subscriptions.

A variety of features and options are at your disposal to let you find the best approach for your audience and business. 

What offers are available to you when joining OpenVOD?

  • You can sell your videos as single rentals (e.g. for 48h), or provide your clients with a monthly subscription offer to enable them to watch all the premium videos of your account. A video can be both part of a rental, as well as part of a subscription offer. OpenVOD works with live videos as well as regular ones. We are also working on a bundle offer that will allow you to sell a pack of videos. Please contact us if you require specific needs (download, live events,...):

How do I set up offers on my videos?

  • You can either rent your videos or sell then as a subscription package for now. More info.

What is the layout of a premium offer?

  • To make a premium offer you have to set up : 
  • Free preview: in seconds, free preview before the paying pop-up
  • Rental period: Amount of time the user will be available to watch the video he just bought.
  • Selling price: Price (taxes incl.) on the player
  • Simultaneous stream: Users can simultaneously watch a premium video on 3 different streams for the TVOD and 5 for the SVOD.

How do I set up a TVOD or a SVOD offer? 

Here are the steps to follow to create and publish offers from your Dailymotion account:

1. Edit your video


2. Locate the Pay per view 

3. Fill the Price, Available for and Free Preview Duration fields, then save.


Do not forget to publish your video if you flagged it as private when uploading.


Subscription VOD

  • Create a subscription offer allowing users to access all paid videos in your account. To do so, please contact us at and specify the payment frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) as well as the price. (Price table)

    A video can be both sold as Pay per view and part of a Subscription offer.


What are the available currencies?

  • 5 currencies are currently available: Euros (€), US Dollars ($), Canadian Dollars ($), Pounds (£), Turkish Lira ( )

How to set up different currencies?

  • The currency will automatically follow the country you are in. For example, in France, users will see the videos at 2.99€, at the same time, US users will see the video at $3.99.

Can I customize the player?

You can add your own logo. 

Please contact us at

Can I geo-block my videos (set up geographic restrictions)?

Yes ! Please contact us at


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