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Dailymotion gives partners the ability to sell their videos through transaction video on demand (tVOD) and subscription video on demand (sVOD) through a program called "OpenVOD". OpenVOD is a free and unique solution designed to help content creators and producers sell access to their films and videos through our player.

How can I join OpenVOD? 

Create an account here. The OpenVOD team will process your request as soon as possible.

Can an individual be part of the OpenVOD program?

Yes, OpenVOD is available to anyone who owns the rights to the videos they wish to sell.

How much does OpenVOD cost? 

The Dailymotion OpenVOD program is totally free to join. You can create an account, upload your videos, build your offers and sell your content on Dailymotion or any other website at no cost whatsoever. 

What is the business model?

OpenVOD partners earn 70% of the sales revenues, after tax. Dailymotion handles storage, bandwidth, payment, video player, security and support costs.

How often do you pay OpenVOD partners?

We pay OpenVOD partners on a quarterly basis. Once your revenues are above a certain threshold, you will receive an Invoice Request. You then simply have to send us an invoice back along with your billing details to get paid. This process is bound be automated shortly.

Which devices are compatible with OpenVOD?

OpenVOD currently works on any computer with Flash installed. We are doing everything we can to bring it to mobile and smart TVs.

Do you provide online analytics?

You will have access to comprehensive statistics. We will provide a billing each quarter of the year. You are able to download this billing in the BILLING tab.

How do you promote premium videos?

Premium videos are part of the Dailymotion website, there is no dedicated space for them. Our content team manages Dailymotion's homepage and channels and may promote premium videos from time to time if they meet our expectations. Our search engine recommends free and premium videos. Related videos can also be premium.

Is it possible to sell a live event or channel?

Yes, OpenVOD enables you to set a price to grant access to a live event or channel. Technical specifications are the same as for free videos. You just have to set up the payment in the video edit section.

Can I change the price of a previously-uploaded video?

Yes, anytime! This also allows you to create special offers.

Do I have the ability to customize the paywall? 

No, however, if you would like to, please contact us at and we will work with you to ensure the paywall meets your needs.

Do I have the ability to customize the pop-up payment page?

Yes. Please send creative assets as high resolution jpegs to

OpenVOD is for me ? 

If you have pay per view rights. 

If you don't have AVOD rights. 

If you don't want ads, but still want to monetize your content.


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