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When do I get paid?

You get paid on a monthly basis, with 2 options:

  • If you have generated over $100 during the month
  • If you have generated less than $100 during the month, your revenue will be carried forward to the following month.


How do I get paid ?

Self billing is our preferred method of payment. Not only is it more efficient, but it also saves time and reduces the possibility of late payment.

However, if you are a professional who does not wish to use self-billing, you can still proceed with manual billing.

Where shall I fill in my payment informations ?

On your account backoffice, go to the invoicing section and fill-in all requested fields.
Should you need to add any other information (such as an intermediary bank), please specify them in them in the “additional information” field.


Is it possible to get paid on various accounts ?
No, you can only use one account at the time.

I registered to different programs, can I regroup my revenues ?
No, you need to proceed with self-billing on each program.

Is it possible to change my payment informations ?

Yes, you can change your payment informations on your backoffice once your previous invoice has been paid, and before the next one is generated.

Can I use a bank account in a different country than the one I’m registered in?
No, your postal address and your bank account must be in the same country.

What currency will be used for the payments ?
If you’re in the EU, you’ll get paid in Euros. In any other case, you’ll get paid in U.S dollars.

There is a problem with my invoice/accounting statement: who shall I contact?

Why is my payment less than what I invoiced ?
Please check directly with your bank, that may have taken a commission on the payment.

 How long does it take to get paid once my invoice/accounting statement has been generated?

 You will get paid within 30 days.

Why didn’t I receive any payment yet?
Check first if the invoice has been issued more than 30 days ago.
If yes, please contact us by email :




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