Understanding your statistics

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In the overview tab you will get an overview of your channels top metrics, such as video views, time watched, subscribers, shares, favorites and comments.



This tab will provide you with the informations about the performance of your channel from the moment you've created the account. Except the "minutes watched" data, this metric was added in July 2014 to the Dailymotion platform.

Performance over time

Here you can take a deeper look into specific time frame, by selecting the start and end dates. 

Videos Breakdown

Top 10 videos sorted by views for the time frame you have selected. Clicking on a video from the table will lead you to advanced statistics of this video.


Gegoraphy Breakdown

Top 10 countries sorted by views for the time frame you have selected.

Audience Retention

This chart will tell you which part of the viewing sessions is reaching certain duration of the video, including the completion ratio in the selected time frame. High amount of audience reaching late parts of the video means that your viewers find your content interesting and are engaged to watch it till end.

Video completion rate - how much of the video was actually watched during the viewing session.

Audience retention rate - percentage of your views which has reached the milestone.

Social networks breakdown

See on which social networks your content is being shared and viewed.


Domain breakdown

See on which domains your content is being embedded, including embedded player.

Traffic sources breakdown

See which websites are driving viewers to your videos.

Devices breakdown

See the top 10 operating systems of your audience


This map provide you with the geographical breakdown of your audience by country, for the selected time frame.



Find out where your videos are being shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, including detailed statistics for each social network.


Move the slider at the bottom of the graph, to change the time frame.


Video insights

Get detailed statistics on a specific video, as you have it in the overview. The live videos have an additional tab view called "Concurrent Viewers", where you can see how many viewers are currently watching your broadcast, as well as in the past hour, day, ween, and month.



If you manage or control multiple channels on Dailymotion, through section you will be able to access the stats of all your sub-channels on Dailymotion.com



You can download the statistics in .CSV format file.


Showcase video

We also recommend you to take a look at the visual advanced statistics how-to guide in this video: 


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