How to set up a Live on Dailymotion?

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Creating a Live on Dailymotion is easy. Let's see step by step how to do so!


Step 1: Upload a media

To be able to stream a live event on Dailymotion, first, you need to upload a video on your channel. This video will be the placeholder for your live stream.

The uploaded video should be at least 30 seconds long.

The URL and all the embed codes (facebook, twitter…) will remain the same when the live is playing.

You can start sharing your video with your audience before the beginning of your live event.


Step 2: Make it Live!

  • Once the video has been uploaded, open the edit page by clicking on the « edit » icon
  • Under the menu « Live or Simulast » click on the « live » checkbox.

  • Indicate the start date and time of your live event.

    Select the duration based on the following model:

    1d2h34m = 1 day 2 hours and 34 minutes

    1h30m = 1 hour and 30 minutes

    45m = 45 minutes

  • We provide you with a streaming adress and a stream key. Keep them preiously to configure properly your encoder (step 3).


Step 3: make sure your encoder has been set up properly


Set up and launch one of these recommended softwares:

  • Xsplit broadcaster
  • OBS - Open Broadcast Software
  • Wirecast
  • Adobe Flash Media Encoder (we chose the last version of Flash Media Live for the example on the following slide)

Identify the following fields in the « edit» section of your livestream on Dailymotion:

  • server: the Dailymotion ingest address on which you will send your Stream feed
  • Stream name: a uniq key (keep it preciously!) which gives you the right to use Dailymotion Live.

Configure your Encoder as follow using the recommended encoding parameters:

  • Choose the settings for your video stream

  • Choose the settings for your audio stream

  • Copy and paste the address of the Dailymotion server

  • Copy and paste your stream key


Step 4: Start broadcasting when you are ready!

  • Click on start in your encoder software
  • The Live should be on Air after a few seconds on Dailymotion



Step 5: during your Live event


Record your video:


  • Click on the video edit button
  • Click on "start Record" to strat recording your Live event. The « Start record » button becomes « Stop Record».
  • To stop recording click the « Stop Record » button. It will go back to « Start record ».
  • NB : Once the live is finished, the video will be uploaded. If your livestream is private, the video will be private.

    If your live is public, your video will be public.


Lauch an ad-break:

  • Dailymotion allows its partners to broadcast advertising content during the live event.
  • These ads are to be sent via the ad-break feature.
  • The ad-break can be turned on by the broadcaster with a click on the « Lauch the Ad-break » button. A 30-second ad is then launched.
  • NB: when an ad is on display, the « launch the advertisement » button is grey.

    You need to wait for the end of the ad in order to launch a new ad.










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